Skills for Business and Administration



The Gateway Qualifications Skills for Business and Administration

Qualification is categorized as having the following objectives:

  • Prepare learners to progress to a qualification in the same sector or a related area at a higher level or requiring more specific knowledge, skills, and understanding
  • Prepare learners for employment in the sector or a related sector

Programme Summary

Qualification Total Units Maximum Credit Total Guided Learning Hours (GLH) Learning Aim (L.A):
Gateway Level 1 Skills for Business and Administration 9 25 223 Hours 60088242
Mandatory Units
Unit Level Credit Value GLH Unit Code
1. Working in Business and Administration 1 3 25 K/504/7980
2. Effective Communication in the Workplace 1 3 30 D/504/6311
Optional Units
3. Understanding Business Organisations 2 3 24 K/504/7977
4. Business Organisation Structures 2 3 24 A/504/7823
5. Supporting Business Meetings 1 3 25 H/504/7847
6. Exploring and Presenting Enterprise Ideas 1 3 25 L/504/6322
7. Working in a Team 1 3 30 R/503/2843
8. Building Working Relationships with Colleagues 1 2 20 D/503/2845
9. Career Progression 1 2 20 F/503/2837

Achievement methodology

This qualification will be awarded to learners who successfully achieve an approved combination of units through a portfolio of evidence that has been successfully verified and monitored through Gateway Qualifications’ Quality Assurance process. Achievement is therefore determined by successful completion of unit assessment with no further requirement for additional/summative assessment.

Progression Opportunities

This qualification is designed to enable progression into further learning at the same level or to further learning at a higher level. The strong focus on transferable employability skills means that learners could move within or between sectors as they progress. Some learners may be able to progress directly into employment, particularly where work-based training will be offered, but it is expected that most learners will build on the skills and knowledge gained from these qualifications through further learning before entering employment.


The approved age range for this qualification is Pre-16, 16-18, 19+.

Prior Qualifications

There are no prior qualification requirements for this qualification.

Prior Skills/Knowledge/Understanding

There are no prior skills, knowledge or understanding requirements for this qualification. However, learners will benefit from having functional skills, at least at one level below that of the qualification.


There are no restrictions to entry for this qualification.

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