JOB CODE: 3564


SALARY: £27,500.00 per annum

Job Description:

As a Career consultant, the candidate will help individuals identify their career goals and then work with them to achieve those goals. They may also provide general advice on how to best navigate the job search process, including tips on how to write a resume or cover letter, prepare for an interview etc.

Entry Requirements of this Job:

A degree in human resources, personnel management, psychology or another related discipline can be useful. However, to establish yourself in this line of work and build your reputation, it’s advisable to obtain one or two of the following qualifications:

– The Qualification in Career Guidance (QCG)
– The NVQ Level Four in Advice and Guidance

Tasks required by this job include:

• Identifying potential employee needs and developing solutions to these problems by providing coaching, training, and mentorship services.
• Meeting with students one on one to discuss career objectives, interests, skills, and personality traits.
• Assisting students in identifying their career goals and planning a path to achieve them.
• Providing counselling services to individuals who are experiencing problems at work such as anxiety and depression.
• Educating students about different industries and occupations to help them make informed decisions about their careers.
• Assisting employers in hiring the best-qualified candidates for open positions
• Conducting interviews with job applicants to assess their qualifications.
• Helping people achieve career change through new training or education programmes.
• Recommending appropriate accommodations for applicants with disabilities during the hiring process.