JOB CODE: 2319


SALARY: £26,200.00 per annum

Job Description:

The post holder will coordinate and teach programmes designed specifically for adult learners. Also, typical activities involve designing and teaching courses, liaising with further education authorities and following curriculum development.

Entry Requirements of this Job:

Entry will usually require a degree or equivalent and an adult teaching qualification at level 5 or above, or a commitment to gain one within an agreed timescale, depending on individual circumstances. Also, the candidate should have English, maths, and IT skills of a standard equivalent to at least level 2.

Tasks required by this job include:

• Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to classes.
• Involving learners in the planning and implementing of their learning activities.
• Creating a climate that encourages and supports learning.
• Fostering a spirit of collaboration in the learning setting.
• Developing a rapport with members of the class, to meet the needs of each and deliver a structured and fulfilling learning experience.
• Foster critically reflective thinking.
• Assessing and recording pupils progress, through coursework and examinations.
• Participating in staff meetings.