Information for current learners



Academy requires students to have at least 85% attendance. Valid reasons should be shown for non-attendance. No student shall fail to attend more than two consecutive sessions other than for health reasons. Absences on medical grounds must be supported by medical certificates from the GP. If a student should fail to attend his/her lectures for more than two consecutive sessions, the registrar has the right to notify the relevant authorities of such absences.


Attendance Procedure

ATA maintains a rigid student attendance policy. However, the Academy warns its students that in the event of their absent they will require to face the consequences. All the students should maintain an attendance of 85% failure to do that will be reported to the concerned department.


Termination of Registration Students

The Academy can terminate a student in the event of one or more of the following:

  1. If a student fails to pay tuition for a course by the designated due date.
  2. If a student fails to meet the attendance policy.
  3. If a student has unsatisfactory academic progress.
  4. If a student breach code of conduct


Termination as a Result of Outstanding Debt

The Principal/Head of Academic Programmes/Registrar may, at any time up to graduation, suspend or terminate the registration of any student who is in debt to the Academy. The procedure applies to students registered with the Academy who are in debt to the Academy as a result of non-payment of fees, charges, fines or other monies.

The Principal/Head of Academic Programmes/Registrar may exceptionally permit the re-registration of a person whose registration has been terminated under this procedure, but only if the debt has been paid in full, and if the student has received the undertakings he/she requires about future payments and any other matter.


Termination as a Result of Unsatisfactory Academic Progress



In the case of serious or persistent failure to meet requirements for academic progression, the Principal/Head of Academic Programmes/Programme Leader may issue to a student a written warning of failure to meet academic requirements. For all internally managed programmes, a student should be given two chances, exclusive of any re-sit arrangements, to complete a particular module. For externally managed programmes, the student should be given a maximum of three chances to complete the module.

Such written warning under these provisions shall provide notice of a requirement to attain specified academic requirements, in default of which the Principal/Head of Academic Programmes/Programme Leader may request termination of registration of a student on academic grounds.


Unsatisfactory Progress following Warning

If the student fails to attain, within the period specified, the requirements specified in the written warning, the Principal/Head of Academic Programmes/Programme Leader shall confirm in writing to the student that a request for termination of registration is to be made to the Registrar. Upon receipt of a request for termination of registration, the Registrar shall terminate the registration of the student concerned, notifying his action in writing to the student


Termination as a Result of Gross Misconduct

If any alleged misconduct by a student is sufficiently serious, the Registrar shall consider the proposed charges and supporting evidence and shall determine whether there shall be a hearing of a complaint of breach of discipline.



The Registrar may recommend that the Principal/Head of Academic Programmes suspends a student or imposes restrictions on membership, attendance at the Academy or access to its property or facilities.


Notice to the student

The Registrar shall inform the student who is the subject of the complaints in writing of any action taken by the Principal/Head of Academic Programmes and of the charges which shall be considered at the hearing and invite the student to respond in writing to the Registrar within fourteen days.



If the Academy Disciplinary Panel decides to terminate the student, Registrar will notify the student about the decision.