Apprenticeships are an excellent way to build knowledge for your workforce whilst on the job. Your employees will learn and earn within your company, working at least 30 hours a week and picking up the practical skills your employees need to excel from experienced professionals.

We deliver high-quality training solutions designed to meet the needs of your business or organization and to improve the skills of your employees. Our specialist advisors can support your business growth by helping you to train your staff and recruit apprentices or young people wanting to join a traineeship.

Apprentice placement is an excellent alternative to university, it can provide your staff with financial incentives, a nationally recognized qualification and the confidence to progress straight into work. We offer a range of apprenticeships at our center that will help your staff to achieve their qualifications while learning through the workplace.


HABC Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service

Looking for brilliant communication and conversation skills that will help your staff take the next step in the customer service industry? Look no further.

We offer placements in customer service that will help your staff develop knowledge of the industry whilst building practical skills to help your staff get ahead. Whether your staff are just getting into customer service or looking to expand their current skill set, we can help your staff to achieve their goals!

These courses will help your staff to:

  • Build strong and technical customer service skills
  • Increase confidence in communication
  • Develop an understanding of the customer service industry

Course details:



HABC Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration

Business is a fast paced environment, we provide your staff with the knowledge and qualities that they need to flourish. Surpassing goals comes naturally to students at Altamira Academy, we will show your staff how to develop and market them as a business professional.

This course will help your staff to:

  • Market them and their skills
  • Set and achieve personal goals
  • Understand how to set up their own business

Course details:


HABC Level 2 Diploma in Care

Care is one of the UK’s most popular areas of work. We offer placements that will help prepare your staff for work in the health and social care sector and begin their journey into a highly respected industry. Whatever your staff skill level we have an apprenticeship to suit your staff.

This course will help your staff to:

  • Learn good practice when caring for others
  • Understand the role of care-work in society
  • Appreciate the varied skills needed to work in this sector

Course details: