Preparation for Employment




The objective of this Gateway Qualification Entry level 1 suite of qualification is not only to give learners personal growth and engagement in learning but to prepare learners for employment, independent living and/or adult life in general.

This qualification includes a broad range of skills which will support learners to develop the generic employability skills needed in most jobs, including areas such as working with customers, managing their time, problem-solving and getting on with colleagues.

Programme Summary

Qualification Total Units Maximum Credit Total Guided Learning Hours (GLH) Aim Reference
Entry 1 1 Extended Certificate in Preparation for Employment 10 26 260 Hours 60091307
Unit Level Credit Value GLH Unit Code
1.Developing Skills for the Workplace: Getting Things Done Entry 1 4 40 J/502/4450
2. Developing Skills for the Workplace: Following Instructions Entry 1 2 20 R/502/4449
3. Developing communication skills Entry 1 3 30 F/502/4317
4. Working in a Team Entry 1 3 30 M/504/9665
5. Working with Customers Entry 1 2 20 D/504/9659
6. Applying for Jobs Entry 1 2 20 Y/504/9658
7. Preparing for Interviews Entry 1 2 20 M/504/9715
8. Finding Jobs Entry 1 2 20 R/504/9707
9. Working in Retail Entry 3 3 30 R/504/7617
10. Working in Business Administration Entry 3 3 30 R/504/8105

The qualification will be awarded to learners who successfully achieve an approved combination of units through a Portfolio of Evidence that has been successfully verified and monitored through

Achievement methodology

Gateway Qualifications’ Quality Assurance process. Achievement is therefore determined by successful completion of unit assessment with no further requirement for additional/summative assessment.

Progression Opportunities

This qualification provides progression within the Entry level suite and onto Level 1qualifications offered by Gateway Qualifications in Personal Learning and Thinking Skills, Employability Skills, and Skills for specific sectors, as well as directly into employment, including supported employment, and to other more personalized destinations such as independent living.


Pre-16, 16-18, 19+

Prior Qualifications

There is no requirement for learners to have undertaken prior qualifications.

Prior Skills/Knowledge/Understanding

There is no requirement for learners to have any prior skills, knowledge or understanding.


There are no restrictions to entry.

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