The Intimate Jealousy because Multidimensional Construct: A study towards Italian Quick Style of the new Multidimensional Envy Scale


Intimate envy is a complex make comprising multiple size. Considering the multidimensional characteristics away from romantic jealousy, it might be beneficial to provides a measurement level that would be the cause of the several areas.


The new tries of one’s introduce analysis was to provide the Italian version of Short Version of brand new Multidimensional Jealousy Scale (SF-MJS – Elphinson, Feeney & Noller, 2011) guaranteeing the factorial structure, precision, and you may predictive legitimacy. Ultimately, gender variations in the newest forest fundamental size of close envy- cognitive, emotional and you will behavioural- was indeed searched.


361 players (168 guys and you will 193 females), old 20 to forty (M = ; SD = 4.99) have been employed. A beneficial confirmatory basis analyses (CFA) are performed to evaluate the multidimensional structure of your level. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was used to confirm the latest reliability. Brand new predictive validity try assessed investigating contacts anywhere between additional dimensions of the fresh close envy and you can vulnerable romantic connection. Multivariate research out of difference (MANOVA) is followed to be certain that intercourse differences.


Confirmatory basis analyses confirmed the 3-factor framework, giving support to the presence of those distinctive line of hidden constructs, evaluating cognitive, psychological and you will behavioral areas of personal envy. The interior feel coefficients had been sufficient for all the about three points of one’s scale, and you will ranged off .80 to help you .85. Uniform facts offered the brand new predictive legitimacy of one’s ISF-MJS. High gender variations had been registered.


The latest ISF-MJS comprises a professional software to own computing personal envy from the Italian framework. Restrictions, benefits, and extra growth of the current studies are chatted about.


Jealousy means probably one of the most strong behavioral motives during the life. It is an excellent universal psychological perception that occurs in all intimate matchmaking, together with people who have mothers, siblings, friends, romantic partners, and the like. In this post i discuss a particular style of jealousy, the one that takes place in romantic relationships.

Light defined personal jealousy because “a transformative and you may state-of-the-art mental state that observe – having opinion, procedures and emotions – dangers to help you mind-esteem or even to this new life (or top quality) of relationships. The individuals dangers was produced by impression off a real otherwise possible romantic interest between an individual’s lover and you may a (maybe imaginary) rival” [ step one, p . 296]. In fact, jealousy is elicited because of the a somewhat many prominent or painful telecommunications-change. As an example, certain people affirmed you to dinner otherwise drinking that have somebody is likely to stimulate jealousy over a lot more remarkable and less preferred things, for example getting into sexual intercourse, Authors hypothesize this particular is really because some one examine commensality since the a keen communication that involves a variety of actual and you will psychological transfers [ 2 ].

More over, growing to the Lazarus and you may colleagues’ manage dealing procedure [ step three , cuatro ], White claims you to definitely envy are an intricate feelings one starts inside the mental and you may intellectual procedure about this new review out of a threat perception. The first step with the comparison is generated towards the a flat out-of Number one Assessment parameters (PAs) which can influence the individual perception in regards to the a real otherwise fictional threat to help you care about-respect or even the newest existence or quality of a romance. Secondary Assessment details (SAs) try dealing procedure put in place to reduce the new risks, eg psychological responses (ERs) in envy. These types of responses is described as numerous bad feelings, instance fury, depression and you will fear, and also to some other states of effect, such as for example shame, stress, anger, as well as guilt [ 5 , 6 ]. The last help the complete techniques is the enactment from Dealing Practices (CBs) conducive for the latest benefit [ step 1 ]. Put another way, Light highlighted brand new multidimensionality of one’s intimate envy build while the authored by the around three fundamental dimensions, mental, cognitive, and behavioral, that have victoriabrides app review been then affirmed of the most other authors [ 7 – 9 ].