Patrick relents, however, Robin wishes these to reaffirm its like somehow

Robin would go to see Sabrina, and you can informs this lady to split up with Patrick to make his choice easier, however, Sabrina tells Robin you to definitely she believes Patrick ought to be the individual that makes the decision. Patrick allows Robin flow back to on the house with Emma as he movements off to type their lifestyle aside. Sooner or later, he comes back to help you Robin on christmas Eve, saying he really wants to stick to the woman. Robin is overjoyed, and also the two of her or him reunite with time so you can commemorate Christmas with Emma. To the The Year’s Eve, Patrick asks Robin throughout the with other child. Robin declines, claiming she desires to go back to the girl life how it actually was just before she ponders something new. It renew its vows which have Emma “officiating” in the event the time clock impacts midnight, ringing on the new year.

The guy renders, and you will Robin says to Patrick you to definitely even in the event she loves him Emma, she has while making which journey in fact it is making having Winner

When Robin yields so you’re able to GH, she overhears Sabrina’s friend, Felix DuBois, give Patrick one to Sabrina is actually expecting. Felix, whether or not, informs Patrick one Sabrina failed to must simply tell him because the he could be right back which have Robin. Patrick renders to speak with Sabrina, and you will Robin concerns she you’ll dump Patrick by child. However, Patrick return and you can informs Robin the infant try Carlos’, not his. Robin’s save is brief-stayed when she learns Obrecht ‘s the this new master off employees on GH once and come up with an undertake the new WSB. Robin requires Anna, whom says this lady has no clue exactly what recommendations Obrecht exchanged to possess the woman launch.

Patrick Emma go to the health together, and you can Robin is ambushed because of the guys in her household. He is revealed as doing work for Winner Cassadine, Nikolas’ great-uncle. Victor demonstrates that the guy need Robin’s qualities to greatly help restore Helena Stavros Cassadine, Nikolas’ grandma father. Robin asks Victor why she’d let an excellent Cassadine, and you will Winner reveals that together with Helena Stavros, the guy also offers Jason, who’s barely real time. Winner tells Robin that do not only perform she restore Helena Stavros, however, bring back Jason, as well.

After Winner leaves, Patrick comes back and you will informs Robin one Sabrina’s kid is simply his while the she lied about Carlos being the father. Regardless if Robin is actually shocked, she says to Patrick she does not fault Sabrina hence the guy wished various other child, and he is acquiring one now. Patrick knocks over a desk in the frustration, and later discovers an image of Jason when he is clearing up. The guy requires Robin about it, exactly who states she simply wants she possess said goodbye. Patrick visits works the next day, and you may Victor returns, exhibiting Robin proof Jason is actually alive. Robin states she requires day before she helps make a choice.

Whenever Emma returns which have Mac, Robin informs both of them this woman is leaving area to visit Africa into volunteer work

Robin takes Emma off Spiritual Sites dating app to the fresh park, and you can matches Danny Morgan, Jason’s man. Next appointment, Robin tells Victor she will use the promote to simply help your aside. When Patrick comes home, she claims this woman is making Port Charles to go to Africa to possess volunteer works. Patrick is actually astonished she’d get off very in the near future, and you can she after states she is trying stop Obrecht. Whenever Patrick claims he and you will Emma may come together with her, and Robin refuses, Patrick enjoys clicking regarding the genuine reasoning the woman is supposed. She in the end says to him on the Winner and you will Jason. Patrick are crazy she’d log off her friends. Robin says she really wants to bring back Jason so you can their family relations while the he would do the exact same for her, however, Patrick has been disappointed on the woman leaving.

The very next day, Patrick tells Robin they must give the girl mother about any of it, however, Winner later happens of the and shows the guy knows about Robin advising Patrick, in addition to their decide to share with Anna. He says to Robin whenever Anna finds out, she’s going to treat Jason. Emma was damage through this, and you can runs so you’re able to her place, angry. Mac claims they are astonished, but often assistance Robin’s choice. Toward February cuatro, Robin renders Vent Charles into the Crichton-Clark Infirmary within the Scarsdale, New york. She and additionally verifies you to Jason try live.