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Greencore Case Study

The Requirement

Greencore is a leading international producer of convenience foods with over 20 manufacturing locations across the UK, US and EIRE. In 2010 it identified a requirement for a flexible food safety and health and safety training solution, which would result in its staff members achieving a regulated qualification upon successful completion of this training. Greencore had already invested in a bespoke Learning Management System and needed a training solution which would allow it to make maximum use of this. Having already worked with Highfield on this system, a decision was made to work with Highfield on a number of e-learning programmes which would fulfil this training requirement and also result in staff members obtaining the required qualifications.

The Solution

In conjunction with Greencore, Highfield developed bespoke Level 2 Food Safety and Level 2 Health and Safety e-learning programmes. These e-learning programmes took account of policies and procedures put in place by Greencore, which went over and above the legal requirements. Once finalised and approved, these programmes were then loaded onto their Learning Management System and utilised throughout all of their manufacturing sites.

Additionally, Greencore became an approved centre of Highfield, which allowed its staff members to take an Highfield regulated examination upon completion of each e-learning programme.

The Results

Using e-learning is ideal for Greencore for this level of training and has resulted in significant cost savings compared with previous solutions. These cost savings have not, however, resulted in a decline in the quality of instruction as examination results are perfectly aligned with the national average for classroom based courses. This statistic alone speaks volumes for the quality of the programmes and the manner in which they were implemented. This is a perfect example of what can be achieved when Highfield's class-leading products are fully adopted by a forward thinking company. Greencore has adopted e-learning as part of a blended learning solution and provides classroom training (using Highfield exams) for other compliance subjects.

The Future

Following on from the successful implementation of these programmes, Greencore is now looking to develop its relationship with Highfield further and has now started to introduce new Highfield qualifications to its staff, including a range of Level 3 and Level 4 qualifications for supervisors and managers.

Greencore has also committed to continue to use these e-learning programmes for a further 3 years, which will see several thousand learners qualified. In addition, Greencore will be a key partner which will be piloting our ground-breaking e-assessment products towards the end of 2013. We believe our successful relationship with Greencore will continue to develop strongly over the coming years.

Client Quote - Dan Clark - Group Learning & Development Manager at Greencore

"In all my dealings with Highfield I have found them to be both professional and proactive and with the capability of working at pace that fits well with our organisation. I have also noticed an ability as an awarding body to listen to feedback from our business and act on recommendations in a timely fashion. In the years of working with regulated bodies I have not always found this to be the case. Therefore, I find this approach quite refreshing and a benchmark for me when evaluating other providers and awarding bodies."


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