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Programmes for 19+ Learners

Entry Requirements :

19 or older on the first day of your course

A UK national or someone with settled status

An EU national or a family member of one

A refugee

A migrant worker

The child of a Swiss national

The child of a Turkish worker

Not in a full time study programme

Please contact us if you need more information regarding these courses

Benefits :

By choosing to study at Altamira Academy you are joining an institution of highly motivated and caring people. Our academic staff are extremely knowledgeable and will be able to help you not only in your studies but with your future ambitions and goals. You can read more about our values here.

Apply for a course :

The quickest way to apply is by completing our Altamira application form which you can return via email or hand to us in person.

Please also complete the pre application checklist.

Course Status: Active Course Price: Unit fees are based upon a unit's individual credit value.

Programmes for 19+ Learners

19+ Loan Programmes are designed for learners who are looking to develop their current expertise. Not only will you be learning key skills to enhance your career opportunities but the cost of the course is covered by the Student Loans Company. You won't need to repay until you are in stable employment, earning over 21K per year. These courses are a great opportunity to get back into education and expand your knowledge, with Altamira here to support you at each step in your journey.

Customer Service - HABC Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service

Looking for brilliant communication and conversation skills that will help you take your next step in the customer service industry? Look no further.

Altamira offers a range of courses in Customer Service that will help you develop knowledge of the industry whilst building practical skills to help you get ahead. Whether you're just getting into Customer Service or looking to expand your current skill set, Altamira can help you to achieve your goals!

These courses will help you to:

Build strong technical customer service skills

Increase confidence in communication

Develop an understanding of the customer service industry

Health and Social Care - HABC Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care is one of the UK's most popular areas of work. If you'd like to learn how to look after people in a considerate and professional manner Altamira has you covered.

We offer a full range of courses that will help prepare you for work in the Health and Social Care sector and begin your journey into a highly respected industry. Whatever your skill level we have a course to suit you.

These courses will help you to:

Learn good practice when caring for others

Understand the role of care-work in society

Appreciate the varied skills needed to work in this sector

Business Administration - HABC Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration

Got what it takes to get ahead in the world of business? Want to build a skill set that will help you progress to the top? Check out Altamira's range of Business programs.

Business is a fast paced game, we give you the knowledge and qualities you'll need to flourish. Surpassing goals comes naturally to students at Altamira Academy, we'll show you hoot develop and market yourself as a business professional.