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Before you apply to join the Altamira Training Academy you must first of all check that you meet the academic entry criteria for your chosen course and if you are unsure contact the academy for clarification.

Stage 1: Online Application

To apply, please complete the Altamira Training Academy online application form which you will find in the website. Alternatively you can download our application form and send it to us through email (info@altamiraacademy.co.uk) once completed.

Stage 2: Acceptance and Conditional Offer

When your application has been received and checked and when payment of the registration fee (If applicable) has been received, you will be sent a letter confirming your Conditional Offer and your Acceptance for the course for which you applied.

Stage 3: Payment of course fees

Before your place at the Altamira Training Academy is confirmed you must pay the course fees and any other fees (If Applicable) due to the Academy.

Stage 4: Confirmation of admission

Upon receipt of the fees the academy will issue you with the following documents
Receipt for fees
Confirmation letter

Altamira Training Academy